Games - GoPets Mobile

GoPets is going mobile! The popular PC based GoPets community has expanded to mobile phones. GoPets is a community made up of real people and virtual pets that live on their owner's desktops or phones. Each GoPet is a visually and emotionally unique creature that eats, sleeps, and plays with its owner. When a GoPet gets bored or restless, it leaves its home desktop to wander the net, visiting the desktops of other GoPets users.

The GoPets Mobile world is set in Machu Petchu, where you can interact with your GoPet around an ancient Incan theme. You even get your own throne room to customize for your GoPet. There are 4 play areas, 5 shops and a post office where you can send and receive messages with other GoPets. Exclusively to GoPets Mobile, you can even adopt a Monkey!

Cool items
There are over one hundred items to buy in the shops of Machu Petchu. Get all your toys and mini games at Coca's Toy Store. Stock up on food and drink at Zara's Super Market. Jazz up your Throne Room by stopping at Royal Furniture. Visit the Fashion Bazaar and get your pet a stylish outfit only available from GoPets Mobile.

Oops! No more room on your phone for that special item? Have no fear; put it in your suitcase! The suitcase feature allows you to store items online and access them from the phone.

Visiting pets
When you enter a play area, you may spot a visiting pet on the horizon. Choose to play with them or shoo them away!

Mini games
GoPets Mobile is full of mini games, for you and your pet. Visit Coca's Toy Store and pick up your mini games! Playing the mini games will earn you blue prize shells that you can spend in the Arcade Prize Shop! The mini games will also help you reach the next level and open a new play area!

Fully tested builds available for porting and publication
 128x160 - Sony Ericsson w300i
 176x220 - Motorola Razr V3
 240x320 - Nokia Series 60

 128x160 - LG 5300
 176x220 - Motorola Razr V3m
 240x320 - LG 8500 Chocolate

Windows Mobile
 240x320 - HTC 3125

For serious inquiries about publishing this mobile game, please send us an email.