Games - Puzzle Chess iPhone

This is no ordinary chess game! Your enemies move like classic chess pieces, but the similarity ends there. Trapdoors, teleporters, and time bombs await in the classic game with an exciting twist.

Guide your King to pick up the Golden Key and unlock the door to an endless combination of puzzles. As you advance, the enemy pieces get tougher, and the environments become more dangerouse. Collect powerful weapons and power ups to help you score high, and advance to the next level!

Game Features
 Over 150 Levels with 18 bonus levels to conquer
 Randomly generated levels for endless, addicting, replayability
 Enemies, Bombs, Trapdoors, Gold Coins, Teleporters, Runes, Power-Ups
 3 levels of diffaculty
 Turn-Based Strategy
 Games Saves! Just press continue!



This game has also been ported to J2ME platforms as well! To play an online demoof the Nokia version, send us an email for a login. Once you recieve your username and password, you can play by clicking here.

Fully tested builds available for porting and publication
 240x320 screen - Nokia 5300 S60
 176x208 screen - Nokia 3250
 128x128 screen - Nokia S40 MIDP2

For serious inquiries about publishing the mobile version of this game, please send us an email.
Download the brochure.

Co-developed with 415 Games.