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Have fun with your friends and family with our Wildtones animals apps for your iPhone

You already know your iPhone is much more than a phone. Now have fun and learn more about animals with your friends and family with our new Wildtones iPhone apps. Have a real barnyard experience with Farm Animals Wildtones; get the call of the wild with our Wild Animals Wildtones; or snuggle up to some really adorable baby animals with Wild Baby Animals Wildtones.

Here's what you get:

  • High quality sound recordings of 12 of your favorite animals made by a professional wildlife sound recordists - play one at a time or lots of them at once for an animal chorus
  • Great pictures of each animal shot by professional wildlife photographers
  • Fascinating in depth information on each animal you can use to learn or play games
  • Timed sliding puzzle for each animal - these are fun and not always easy to do!
  • Ability to save each animals' image to your phone as a wallpaper
Some customers tell us that they use the descriptions as the basis of a game to play with friends. One person takes clues from the sounds or text for each animal and the others guess which animal it is. It's a great way to engage your kids in learning more about the animals, plus they will also learn about conservation and humane farming.

Want to find out more? You can check out these apps and more on the iPhone section of the Wildtones website or click on the app names below to visit the iTunes App Store where you can buy the apps directly:

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